Programme Governance Model

Copyright © Peter Wheelhouse 2014


Programme Gate 1 Authority to Proceed

1.  Owner.

Programme Sponsor.

2.  Purpose

To provide the Programme Sponsor with the Authority to:


  • Start the Programme Initiation stage;
  • To approve the Programme Mandate as the initial baseline for the Programme;
  • To appoint the Programme Director, if a different person to the Programme Sponsor.

3.  Authority.

Programme Board.

4.  Programme Stages.

  1. Preceeding Stage; Identify the Programme
  2. Next Stage; Initiate the Programme.

4.  Contents.

The Programme Mandate defines the scope of the Programme and contents of the Authority to Proceed (Gate 1) should not be a repetition of the Mandate’s content and can therefore be kept simple, as follows:


  1. Name of the Programme. The Programme needs to have a unique name that will be used in all future references & documentation.
  2. Formal Authority to Proceed with the Initiate Stage of the Programme. This is a statement that the Programme Sponsor has formal Authority to proceed with the Initiate stage of the Programme and to appoint the Programme Director, if a different person to the Programme Sponsor.
  3. Baseline for Initiate Stage of Programme. The version & date of the Programme Mandate and of this Authority to Proceed (Gate 1) that are the Baseline for the Initiate Stage of the Programe should be explicitly stated.
  4. Programme Personnel. The name of the Programme Sponsor, the Programme Director (if a different person to the Programme Sponsor) and the members of the Programme Board, together with their specific areas of interest & expertise should be defined. There should be a formal signature (electronic or hard copy) for each member of the Programme Personnel attached to the Authority to Proceed (Gate 1).

Programme Gateways.