Programme Governance Model

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Programme Sponsor - Role Description

1.  Overview.

The Programme Sponsor is accountable to the Corporate Executive Board for the the ongoing validity of the investment decision and that the Programme achieves its target key success metrics, such as RoI (Return on Investment), P&L Impact, Balance Sheet Impact, Shareholder / Principal Stakeholder Value.

2.  Accountabilities.

The Programme Sponsor is specifically individually accountable for the following:


  1. Corporate Strategic Alignment. Maintaining the alignment of the programme to the organisationís corporate strategic direction. Evolving business needs and emerging issues that impact the programme will undoubtedly arise. The Programme Sponsor is accountable for ensuring that such issues are addressed appropriately.
  2. Validity of the Investment Decision.
  3. Validity of Gate Decisions (Gates 1 to 6).
  4. Integrity of the Programme Strategic Baseline.
  5. Owner of the following Governance Baseline Components:
    1. Authority to Proceed (Gates 0 through to 7)
    2. Programme Mandate

3.  Responsibilities.

The Programme Sponsor's specific responsibilities include:


  1. Senior Stakeholder Management. Managing the interface with key senior stakeholders and ensuring that interfaces and communications with all stakeholders are effective.
  2. Programme Leadership. Providing overall direction and leadership for the total programme.
  3. Programme Board Chair.
  4. Strategic Baseline Change Board Chair..

Programme Organisation