Programme Governance Model

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Programme Board - Role Description

1.  Overview.

The Programme Board represents those senior managers who are accountable & responsible for the investment decision, defining the direction of the business and establishing frameworks to achieve the desired objectives.


They should take the lead in establishing the values and behaviours required by the change effort, often ‘leading by example’.

2.  Accountabilities.

The Programme Board is specifically accountable for the following:


  1. Accepting the Corporate Board’s Authority to Proceed (Gate 0) as a valid basis for starting the Programme and for its on-going validity for the life of the Programme.
  2. The validity of the investment decision and its on-going validity for the life of the Programme.
  3. The Programme Board has cabinet accountability for the validity of Gate decisions.
  4. The Programme Board is accountable for approving all elements of the Programme Strategic Baseline documentation1.
  5. The Programme Board is accountable for baseline change decisions that affect all & any of the Programme Strategic Baseline documentation1.

    1The Programme Strategic Baseline documentation is represented in the following documents:


    1. Authority to Proceed (Gate 1 to 6)
    2. Benefit Management Strategy
    3. Business Case
    4. Communications Strategy
    5. Controls Strategy
    6. Issue Resolution Strategy
    7. Programme Brief (Outline)
    8. Programme Charter (Vision)
    9. Programme Mandate
    10. Quality Management Strategy
    11. Resource Management Strategy
    12. Risk Management Strategy
    13. Stakeholder Management Strategy

3.  Responsibilities.

The Programme Board’s specific responsibilities include:


  1. Reviewing the Programme Mandate and authorising the investment decision.
  2. Creating an environment, across all affected parts of the organisation, in which the programme can thrive.
  3. Endorsing, advising and supporting the Programme Director.
  4. Providing continued commitment and endorsement in support of the Programme Director at programme milestones.
  5. Reviewing & approving the progress of the programme against the strategic objectives.
  6. Providing visible leadership & commitment to the programme at communication events and as part of their day to day ‘business as usual’ role.
  7. Confirming successful delivery and sign-off at the closure of the programme.
  8. Acts the Gate Authority (except Gate 0) – The Programme Board reviews the input material for a Gate and, against the Gate Entry & Exit criteria, decide:

    • Has the Gate been correctly invoked; has the previous stage Exit Criteria been appropriately met.
    • Have all the Entry Criteria for the next stage been appropriately met.
  10. Acts as the Change Board for changes that affect the Strategic Baseline. As part of this responsibility, the Programme Board reviews all proposed changes to ensure that they do not breach the Corporate Authority to Proceed (Gate 0) and for escalating to the Corporate Board any changes that could materially affect that Authority to Proceed.

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