Programme Governance Model

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Communications Manager - Role Description

1.  Overview.

In any undertaking that involves significant change affecting people and organisations, it is of critical importance that there are good communications, both outward from the programme and inwards from those affected by the change. Ensuring that this level of communication supports the achievement of programme objectives and facilitates effective stakeholder management will require a dedicated Communications Manager who needs to be part of the senior management team.


The Communications Manager will be responsible for the development, approval and subsequent delivery of the Communications Plan.


2.  Accountabilities.

The Communications Manager is specifically accountable for the following:


  1. Defining the Programme Communications Strategy and developing the Programme Communications Plan.
  2. Assurance that the Programme Communications Strategy & Programme Communications Plan are conformant to the Corporate Communications Strategy and with best practice and legal constraints, if any.
  3. Maintaining the currency of the Programme Communications Strategy & Communications Plan during the life of the Programme.
  4. Delivery of all Programme Communications via all approved channels using all approved media.
  5. Assuring conformance to the Programme Communications Strategy & Plan by all Programme team members at all levels, from the Programme Board members through to the delivery team members.
  6. Assuring compliance with the Programme Communications Strategy & Communcations Plan of all subsiduary Communications Plans under the Authority of the Programme; e.g. Project / Workstream Communications Plans.
  7. If appropriate and part of the Communications Strategy, implement and expand social media strategy.
  8. Briefing the programme team on key communications messages and issues.
  9. Management of all programme communications staff.
  10. Assuring the integrity of a consistent “brand” image across all programme communications.
  11. Owner of the following Governance Baseline Components:
    1. Communications Strategy
    2. Communications Plan

3.  Responsibilities.

The Communications Manager’s specific responsibilities include:


  1. Defining the Programme Communications Strategy and developing the Programme Communications Plan.
  2. Management of all programme communications staff.
  3. Support the Stakeholder Management Strategy & Plan and positively develop the programme’s profile with all stakeholders.
  4. All aspects of the programme’s media and PR activities.
  5. Lead on copy-writing and production of key programme publications.
  6. Writing releases, articles and statements.
  7. Develop & maintain relationships with target media organisations.
  8. Ensure programme staff are well briefed on key communications issues.
  9. Prepare and monitor the programme annual communications budget.
  10. Develop key programme messages.
  11. Creating and maintaining appropriate and consistent language and terminology across all media.
  12. Analyse the effectiveness & efficiency of all programme communications & report, as appropriate, to the Programme Executive & Programme Board on that analysis together with any recommendations for improvement.
  13. Prepare programme briefing material for members of the Programme Executive as may be needed and act as the programme spokesperson when needed.
  14. Keep up to date on best practice within communications and with changes to communications innovation, legislation and codes of practice.

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