Programme Governance Model

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Governance Baseline - Programme Board Baseline Definition

1.  Introduction.

Baselines are subject to formal authorisation controls both for their initial approval and for any proposed changes to them.


No proposed change should be implemented before the appropriate approvals have been obtained.


There are different levels & types of Baseline for a Programme.


2.  Types of Baseline

The types of Baseline for a Programme are:


  1. Governance Baseline;
  2. Requirements (or Functional) Baseline;
  3. Solution (or Technical) Baseline.


We are only concerned here with the Governance Baseline but it should be noted that the Requirements Baseline is dependent upon & derived from the Governance Baseline and the Solution Baseline is dependent upon & derived from the Requirements Baseline.


Furthermore, all of the types of Baseline must be subject to formal authorisation & rigorous Change Management.


3.  Levels of Baseline.

For Programme Governance, there are 3 levels of Baseline with different authorities:


  1. Programme Authorisation Baseline - Authority: Corporate Exec.;
  2. Programme Strategic Baseline - Authority: Programme Board;
  3. Programme Management Baseline - Authority: Programme Exec.


This allows the appropriate level of control with appropriate empowerment, thus facilitating agile decision making.


Tolerances & triggers should be defined for each baseline document so that it is clear what is the scope for local decision making and when authorisation is needed for any change to a baseline document.


4.  Governance Baseline Components


Programme Authorisation Baseline.

  Baseline Component Owner
a.      Approval to Proceed (Gate 0) Programme Sponsor
b. Approval to Proceed (Gate 7) Programme Sponsor

Programme Strategic Baseline.

  Baseline Component Owner
a. Approval to Proceed (Gates 1 to 6) Programme Sponsor
b. Benefit Management Strategy Business Change Manager
c. Business Case Programme Director
d. Communications Strategy Communications Manager
e. Controls Strategy Programme Director
f. Issue Resolution Strategy Programme Manager
g. Programme Brief Programme Director
h. Programme Charter Programme Director
i. Programme Mandate Programme Sponsor
j. Quality Management Strategy Programme Manager
k. Resource Management Strategy Programme Manager
l. Risk Management Strategy Programme Manager
m. Stakeholder Management Strategy      Programme Manager

Programme Management Baseline.

  Baseline Component Owner
a. Benefit Realisation Plan Programme Manager
b. Communications Plan Communications Manager
c. Programme Benefit Map Business Change Manager
d. Programme Benefit Profile Business Change Manager
e. Programme Blueprint Design Authority
f. Programme Controls Definition Programme Office Manager
g. Programme Plan Programme Manager
h. Programme Portfolio Programme Manager
i. Risk Profile Programme Manager
j. Stakeholder Map Programme Manager

5. Change Management.

Whenever a change is proposed to a baseline document, the impact assessment for that change must include consideration of other related baseline documents, particularly those that come under the jurisdiction of a higher authority.


If there is an impact on a higher authority baseline document, approval for the change to that baseline document must be sought as part of the change management process.

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